Yes it is Monday, the day we all try to get on top of things so the rest of the week will be productive.

It’s just tough sometimes to accomplish that when you are tired.

As I sit at my kitchen table and I look out into my backyard and watch my son jump on the trampoline with his cousin it reminds me that at one point in my life I had that much energy. It seems that on any given day two 10 year old boys have enough energy to supply the energy needs of a small city…

or country…

all within the first 30 minutes of doing whatever it is they decide to do.

I once thought that older and wiser people are that way because they have made themselves slow down.  Now I realize that their bodies slowed them down and they fell into wisdom as a result of that process.

BTW they are still jumping…

and I am still tired.

But… as worn-out as I am feeling I have stayed ahead of the game today for significant progress has been made….

and I am looking forward to sleep tonight…

praying that my internal recharger still works.

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