For A Limited Time


Babylon will rise

it will be mighty

it will be rich

it will be the #1 place to live on this earth.

People from everywhere will sell their goods in its city limits

People from everywhere will visit to have a good time and what “happens in Babylon will stay in Babylon”

Evil will reside there but will be masked by its prosperity. The riches and splendor will cover up the devastating effects of the life styles it promotes.

For a time here on Earth it will seem like Evil is not only winning but is also being blessed.  Those that follow Jesus will be seen as crazies and threats.

But Babylon will not last

In fact one day in its future everything will change.   Its citizens will wake up one morning and start their day as normal.  Going about their business, doing the things they normally do.  Merchants will begin the journey into the town to make their days wages… selling their goods. And then without warning (except for what is written in the ancient text they have rejected) judgement will come.

And before 60 minutes makes it to 61, Babylon will we destroyed…

and people will weep

for in that moment whether they realize it or not

their rejection of God and their investment in supporting evil ways will bear the fruit of destruction that they were all headed toward…

but refused to know it.

This is how it is with our lives today.

If you refuse to follow God and choose an evil life style over the good ways God would have you to live.

And if you think you are fine because everything is going great… the lesson from Revelation 18 and other text of scripture in the Bible say…

it’s only for a limited time

and today is the day to change the way you are living and follow God before your limited time…

is spent.

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