Staff Position


I’ve been praying about what to do concerning staffing at our church (Farmington Baptist). We are at the point where we need additional help and to me that means  another pastor with administrative gifts.

There are a few hold backs concerning this position. One is finances, another is the scary nature of getting the wrong person

everyone tries to get the right person

but sometimes the right person turns out to be the wrong one

and just like everyone else we do not want that.

The final hold back is God.

and thats the most important one.

Even though we have considered an option that would work, (i.e. hire an intern for the summer) and the church leaders are extremely supportive, I am still not sure…

and I’m not sure because of the silence of God on the matter.

Samuel had the same sort of experience even though His answer came a bit sooner than ours has and without the financial considerations. (1 Samuel 16) Plus – we are not replacing a leader we are looking to add to our pastoral leadership and we are waiting for God to tell us when…

which I think ties in with our finances

and who

Which was Samuel’s struggle…

and like Samuel we have to wait for God to tell us the who

For He does not judge on the outward appearance but judges the heart and we need someone with a heart for Him.  He’s the only one that can tell us that.

So we pray…

and pray

and look for God to move and speak

and He will.


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