Worthy of trust

Worthy of adoration

Worthy of praise

Worthy to do a particular task


How does one become worthy?

Worthiness is built off of action and off of character. It’s is based on who someone is and what they have done. These two sides are weighed on a balance scale. If a person is perfectly balanced they are worthy.  There is nothing that tips the scales in either direction. Their character has no flaws and there is nothing wrong in what they do.

In Revelation 5 there’s this scroll that needs to be opened and only one person in the room is Worthy enough to open it and every body knows it.  No one else has the character or the deeds to qualify them to open it.

Everyone is unworthy….

except for Jesus.

Jesus is the one who is

Worthy of trust

Worthy of adoration

Worthy of praise

Worthy to do this task

There is no one else like Him.

What has He done?

He has ransomed people for God by giving His life for them. By shedding His blood for them….

and He didn’t stop there, He took these people gave them a kingdom and made them priest to God.  He then gave them the power to rule and reign on the earth.

All this for all the unworthy ones…

From every tribe

From every tongue.

This includes me

It includes you.

I have accepted the fact that I am a sinner and that Jesus took my punishment on the cross.  I confess that He is Lord, He was slain and rose from the dead.

The people who are present with Jesus in Heaven understand His Worthiness better than you and I do.  They have a deeper more meaningful understanding of His Worthiness for they are there before Him, in the flesh, seeing Him with their very eyes and understanding more specifically what Jesus has saved them from.

So with out hesitation they answer the  question of who is worthy enough to open the Scroll…

It’s Jesus

The Lamb who was slain

He’s the one who is Worthy enough

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