Not Forgotten


For those who have taken a stand for Jesus. Who have lost their lives in the process.  You are not forgotten.

Revelation 6 is a passage about seals being opened in heaven.  Most of those seals deal with judgements on the earth. The first four speak of war, unrest, famine and death. Then the 5th is unlike the first four.  It speaks of people who had been slain for the witness they had proclaimed.  They had proclaimed Jesus and never backdown even when death was at their door.

Even though the first 4 seals bring judgement on the earth they still wonder when God will give them justice for the wrong that had been committed against them.

They want to make sure they are not forgotten.

In a compassionate way God gives each of them a white robe and tells them to rest a little longer.  They are not forgotten and as soon as their number is complete justice will happen.

God does not forget those who have taken a stand for Him and He will make things right at the right moment.

So if you are being hit hard by the world for standing for Jesus and you wonder when the victory will be. Know this, God has a plan, justice will occur at the opportune moment.

You are NOT forgotten!

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