Holy, Holy, Holy


God was Holy

God is Holy

God will still be Holy in the future

Holy, Holy, Holy

He never changes

There is no possibility of  God falling from Holiness

His creation can fall

His created creatures can fall

But He cannot

He is Holy, Holy, Holy

Past , Present and Future

His Holiness never ceases

Have you ever wondered how the “Angelic Beings” in Revelation 4:8 can keep saying over and over and over – Holy, Holy, Holy?

Like a praise song that repeats the same words “too many times”?

Do they not have something deeper to say?

That isn’t the point… this text was never meant to be analyzed in that fashion

It was mean to teach us that God’s Holiness never ceases, “therefore” they will never be in a position where they have to cease to say it…

because He will never cease to be Holy.

He will always be different from His creation

He will always be set a part from His creation

He will always be incomparable to anything else we will ever experience or see.

Holy, Holy, Holy

There will never be a time where He must fight another being of His equal for there is none like Him

He is Almighty unrestricted in power, unrestricted in His rulership and in His dominion

He is Holy

He was Holy

and will always be Holy.

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