Lord, if I ever become lukewarm

If I am Lukewarm now

Please do something to make me useful again

If You need me to be cold and refreshing, push me into that direction

If You need me to be hot and energized to get things moving again, push me into that direction

Please I beg…

Do not allow me to become useless…


It is so easy to feel like I have the power

To make successes mine

To find stability in money

To to find myself no longer in need

Lord, if I ever live as though I do not need You please do something to remind me how much I do need you…

do not  allow me to go on living wretchedly, pitiably, poorly, blindly and unclothed not knowing it

Bring things into my life to open my eyes once again

I desire to be useful

hot or cold

not spitable.

So I open the door to You today

freely do what You think is needed in my life and ministry

The door is open

There is no need for You to knock

Just come on in

for You are always welcome to do Your will in my heart.

(Revelation 3:14-22)

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