Can’t Shut This


He knows your works…

ALL of them.

From screening in your screen-in-porch to fixing pork chops for dinner…

He is aware and He knows. (Revelation 3:8)

God knows what you have done for Him and what you haven’t.

He knows what you should have been doing and what you should have done.

He knows your works…

ALL of them.

He knows if you have been faithful to His word

If you have kept it

If you have lived it

He knows if you have denied His name or not…

with what you say

with what you live.

He knows your works…

ALL of them.

For those few…

or many

Who have worked for Him even when they felt week

Who have stood for Him when they felt small

Who have done the right thing when they didn’t understand why it was the right thing to do.

There is a door that is open for you

That you can’t shut…

and neither can anyone else no matter how hard they try.

A door that remains open that  leads to your day of victory…

Where enemies learn that even though they didn’t love you God did

Where enemies learn that keeping God’s word was the smart thing to do…

the right thing

Where enemies learn that your stubbornness was really endurance

and patience

grounded in trust

in the one true God.

This is a day we are ALL headed for

A day of victory for some…

and for others

a day they wish they could shut the door

and cover up the rebellion

they didn’t know they had.

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