The Like Button


The Like Button on Facebook is a muli-comunicative button that means more than just Like…

It’s much deeper than that.

Here are 8 different ways the like button is used.

1. The Like button can mean “like” (Of course)

I Like your statement

I like your photo

2. Some times the like button just means “I was here.”

I saw that photo, I saw your statement (but didn’t read it).  I clicked like just to let you know that I have visited your page (or I’ve seen your statement).  The “like” is communicating to the “liked” that they are really their friends. A reminder of their cyber-friendship existence.

3. Other times the like button means, “I read your statement but really didn’t understand it.”

This is easy to spot because the person not only “likes” the statement but comments on it and when they comment on it they make some unrelated point about what you have said.

4. Other times it means “I want to get your attention.”

This is also easy to spot, because these people also comment on it with a statement that has nothing at all to do with what you posted.


Tom – I can’t believe it’s snowing in April.

Bob – “likes” the Post then comments…

Bob – I put the eggs in your car, it was unlocked.

Then after work Tom comes to his car to find his radio has been stolen but at least he has the eggs… although some of them are broken.

5. Like can mean “I’ve been there too.”

This goes for a vacation picture, a statement about where you are, or an unfortunate circumstance you have announced to all your friends.

6.  “Opt-In”

It means opt in when we click things like “we like our Bank” or “We like Pepsi” for we are  opting in to receive more information from that brand…regardless of how much we really “Like” or love them.

7. “I’m joining the masses”

Sometimes people just like something because everyone else is liking it.

8. Finally the like button could mean “I like this so much I don’t want to say anything about it.”

Or another way of putting it would be “I like this so much I’m commentless” (a play on the word speechless)


So there you go…

BTW – I do hope many people will like this post for any of the above reasons… 🙂

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