Day 29

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 29)


Fear of people

Fear of losing influence with people

Fear of not being well thought of

Fear of being rejected

These types of fears become snares in our lives for they prevent us from following God because instead of doing what is right by Him we decide to do what is right by everyone else.

In life we either allow God to mold our character or we let fear of “what people might think” mold it.

The alternative to this is…


Trust in God…


Trust in God is what prevents us from being scared into an existence that is far from what He wants for us.

Trust in God is living His way even when we do not understand or we feel the pull to live differently.

Trust in God means we will encounter each circumstance in life with confidence. A confidence that isn’t concerned with what others think because we are too busy trying to follow God.  Living life not only the way He desires for us to live but also going in the direction He has for us to take. (29:25)

What did you see from the passage?

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