Day 28

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 28)

Proverbs 28:1

The reason the righteous can be bold as a Lion is because they have nothing to hide.  No worry of someone finding out something about them that is bad. They do not have to hide who they are or what they have done. Their conscience is clear.

But the wicked…

that’s a different story.

The wicked can look like they are righteous  but can never stand like the righteous person can stand.  They can never be bold like the righteous are bold for they are too busy running away from the wrongs they have done.  In fact it’s so bad they run when no one is after them. (28:1)

They are paranoid.

The wicked live their lives wondering…

When will it (the sin) catch up with me?

How will it catch up with me?

What will I do when it catches up with me?

Every look, every action and every event is looked on with suspicion. They constantly look for signs of their past catching up with them… signaling the moment they will pay for what they have done. Their conscience continually reminds them its coming and replaces boldness with fear.

But the righteous do not have to focus on the past. They are not worried about anything catching up with them. There are  no continual cover-ups for everything they do is on the “up and up”.  This enables the righteous to boldly charge into the future where challenges and obstacles await. They can go forward in life with confidence knowing they can face those hard circumstances with a conscience that is clean and a purpose that is true.

They do not have to worry about some past action catching up with them to compound any struggle they will encounter.

That’s why they can be bold.

Or moving forward with boldness?

What did you see from the passage?

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