5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Read the Bible

There are some people in the world that read the Bible more than I do and it amazes me.  Not because of the “more” as if my reading is a lot but because I can’t believe they would “waist their time” doing it.

So here are 5 reason why some people should never read the Bible…

1. If you’re an Atheist, you really shouldn’t read the Bible.  Why? Well, If you do not believe that there is a God and you think  men wrote it (i.e. they were not under the direction of God to do it) I do not see why you would even pick it up.

It’s just not logical to me.

I know one reason Atheist often pick it up…

it’s to prove that there is no God.  But if you believe that there is no God it really doesn’t matter if other people believe in one, right?

So why go to the trouble to prove your point?

Unless you are trying to save them from….


Not sure what you are saving them from because the what of your “matter”  is  imaginary.

2. If your only reason is to prove it wrong.  This goes for religious and anti-religious people.

But you may say, “I just want to be open minded.”

Warning – if you really approach the Bible “open minded” to ascertain the truth of the matter you will wind up accepting Jesus as your Savior and this will change your whole belief system and the way you live. You may even lose some of the friends you have… but will gain the “crazy ones” you think are crazy because of their belief in Jesus.

Open minded doesn’t equal – finding ways to disagree with something,  the ability to bring up issues or to latch on to things that you already believed before.  That is the definition to close-mindedness.

Most people when they say they are open minded really aren’t.  Most of the time when someone says they are open minded they are usually just trying to gather data to use against the subject instead of using it to determine it’s correctness.

Enough said on that one.

3. If you are not going to live what it says.

What a waist of time, to read something only to disagree with it by the way you live.   Some only read the scriptures to find ways to make it say what they want it to say.  Any time we either reject what it says or make it say something it doesn’t is a moment we really should have just left it on the shelf.

4. If you often make statements about what it says but you have never really read those statements nor could you find them in scripture if pushed to do so.


Because you are more than likely to find out what you are saying is not really in the Bible or you may find out you are using that “phrase” the wrong way and would have to change and that would be painful for you.

In this same category are those who think they know all there is to know about the Bible… why mess that up? Just don’t read it and you will be “fine” and happy.

5.Hummm….  sorry, ran out of reasons.

Why did I run out of reasons?

Because I really think you should read it, and allow the God who gave it to us to speak to you through it and allow Him to change you into who He created you to be…

but that’s up to you…

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