Testimony Thursday

A few years back I found myself working more than spending time with my family.  It’s not that I didn’t love them or didn’t care,  because I did.  I was just working in an environment where I was never really sure where I fitted in and an environment where there was a lot to do.

Wanting disparately for my life to matter, and to see the fruit of God working through me. I threw myself in to my job giving no less than 222% of my effort to the organization…

and maybe even more.

It was a situation where the organization wasn’t healthy and I felt some how if God used me to save it, it would in turn save me in the end.

I would finally feel like I was useful to others and to God, that some how my life mattered.

After 3 years of working more than I should have, I went on vacation with my family and came to the realization I didn’t know them anymore.  My children had grown and changed and  I could no longer tell you want really mattered to my wife.  So, after a week of getting reacquainted with my family, I went back to work with a new view on life…

I wasn’t going to work as much as I had been working and I was going to make sure I was spending time with my family.

And I did it…

I told my boss and made the changes that were needed…

and I have never looked back.

Today, I know my family very well, I know what they are doing and what their interest are.  I work at a different place now, (Farmington Baptist Church).  I do go the extra mile in this job but it is never at the expense of my family.  And with God’s help I hope to keep that focus and maintain the balance between family and church ministry.

Today as I hugged my daughter before she left with my wife for school and as I stopped to watch my son walk into his school (and the thumbs up he gave me during this process) it again showed me I made the right choice.

I doubt that anyone really  remembers all that I took on at my other job, and that doesn’t matter to me as much as it once did.  What matters to me now is my family knows I’m there for them and will always be there when they need me…

because I love them more than anything in this world…

and that’s “priceless”.

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