Who decides what is hate speech? Is it the person that disagrees with your point of view? Is it the point of view of the person you disagree with? Who decides what is hate speech? Is it when you feel like it’s hate speech because you were shocked at what was said? Could two people […]

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Day 24

(Proverbs 24) “Partiality in judging is not good.” (24:23b) This is a great word of wisdom and an awesome warning to us all… Do not be partial in your judgements I guarantee we fall into this more that we realize. It happens when a person we do not like does something at work against us. […]

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Testimony Thursday

A few years back I found myself working more than spending time with my family.  It’s not that I didn’t love them or didn’t care,  because I did.  I was just working in an environment where I was never really sure where I fitted in and an environment where there was a lot to do. […]

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The Biggest Threat to Church Ministry

The biggest threat to church ministry is not… the government liberals other cults and religions or atheist. The biggest threat to Church ministry is… us… The Church Members. Quarrels, fights,  and relationship tensions, are the main things that prevent a church from achieving the plan God has for it.  Satan loves it when God’s people […]

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