The Biggest Threat to Church Ministry

The biggest threat to church ministry is not…

the government


other cults and religions

or atheist.

The biggest threat to Church ministry is…


The Church Members.

Quarrels, fights,  and relationship tensions, are the main things that prevent a church from achieving the plan God has for it.  Satan loves it when God’s people disagree and they fight each other. In fact he loves to empower any movement that will cause damage to a church body.

This is one of the reasons we are commanded to love each other.  Because love prevents the implosion of the church.  Love stops Satan at the door and says – You can’t work here we have chosen to love each other therefore we abide in God and God has no part with you. 1 John 3:23-24

So stay on guard church!  Lets keep Love on our hearts and let it season the way we treat each other so we can keep the biggest threat at a threat level of…

“no threat at all”

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