I feel like a wimp

Next fall (of 2013)  Lord willing, our church will be studying 1 Corinthians – so far I have September of 2013 laid out and have been excited about those messages – but today when I began to lay out the messages for October I began to get a bit uncomfortable…

and it wasn’t because of the teaching on the Spirit and tongues.

It was the teaching on sex.

I knew it was in the book, but it wasn’t until I asked the question “what do our people need to hear from this passage?” that it made me a bit nervous.

You see our vision and strategy for the church is founded on 3 words.

Children – Community – Culture

We as a church feel it is important for us to invest in children, impact our community both in the church and in the neighborhood so we can see an improvement in the culture in the days ahead, both local and abroad.

So on any given sunday I have “little people” starring me in the eyes as I preach and I love it.  Not teenagers mind you kids under the age of 12.

Know you might say…

why not start a children’s church and that will take care of it?

Well we have a children’s worship and the purpose of that is not only to teach them about Jesus, but teach them how to worship in order to get them ready to come to our main worship service.

And some become ready before others.

So, I am concerned about how to present the information…

It looks like it’s time to get really creative, so pray for me as I work through this…

I don’t want to feel or be a wimp when it comes to covering the material God has placed before me to cover… and I want to present it in a fashion that is beneficial to all.


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