I feel like a wimp

Next fall (of 2013)  Lord willing, our church will be studying 1 Corinthians – so far I have September of 2013 laid out and have been excited about those messages – but today when I began to lay out the messages for October I began to get a bit uncomfortable… and it wasn’t because of […]

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Is God Sufficient?

Is God Sufficient? “Yes” Are you sure? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs? “Yes” Is He able to grow you spiritually? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs where you are? “Umm, yes but I might need to make some changes in order for that to happen” What kind of changes? “Well, […]

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“Church World”

When it comes to “church world”, I often feel like I am not on the same ship with everyone else… ” church world ” thinking is so different than mine (not that it is wrong please do not misunderstand me) I do not get a lot of things and events that the “church world” says […]

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Relevant Magazine has a post on there website that list the top six issues that divide Christians today… here is their list… 1. Homosexuality. This is an explosive issue and is only going to get more explosive within the Christian church in the years to come. It’s the single biggest challenge facing the Church… 2. […]

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The Top 5 Church Bugs

There are bugs in churches across this nation and literally in churches all over the world. Bugs are not a respecter of denominations, in fact they do not mind if the church is Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, handles snakes, wears robes, has a drum set or uses an organ. It seems that the bugs that get […]

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