“Church World”


When it comes to “church world”, I often feel like I am not on the same ship with everyone else…

” church world ” thinking is so different than mine (not that it is wrong please do not misunderstand me)

I do not get a lot of things and events that the “church world” says is a must.

You must have…
Sunday School
Small Groups
Contemporary Worship
Hymn Books
Missions Conferences

You must look….
Get your hair cut a certain way

From people you should like to conferences you must not miss… (Which seem to determine if you are serious about Jesus.) There is a lot of things in “Church World” I’m not real sure is necessary.

I think I lack understanding in the whys of all of this.

But here is what I know…

(or who)

I know Jesus

He died for my sins, stayed in the grave 3 days and then came back to life to save me from my sins.

And Now…

My desire is to follow Him

I want to follow Him

I look to follow Him

However, I fall into temptations from time to time and really should be kicked out of the church…

this causes a personal lack of confidence. I think this maybe why I often feel like I’m not on the same ship everyone else is on.

It’s like I am on a dingy in the ocean as “the big gospel ship” sails into the bright blue yonder….

without me.

Then, I think about our church, Farmington Baptist, and the great people He has placed here. I think about how God has been changing people’s lives and how the church accepts people the way they are and the love that is shown by the people who go there….

I’m blown away by that…

So much so, I no longer care about being on “the big ol gospel ship” anymore…

for I know we are on the ship Jesus has designed for us.

And I praise Him for that.

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