“Church World”

When it comes to “church world”, I often feel like I am not on the same ship with everyone else… ” church world ” thinking is so different than mine (not that it is wrong please do not misunderstand me) I do not get a lot of things and events that the “church world” says […]

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It’s Worth It

It is easier than I would like to admit. In fact deep in my soul I wish it wasn’t as easy as it is to take my eyes off Jesus. There are just so many things in this life that grab at, look for, and desire my attention. It seems that when I really focus […]

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A Life of Ease

I will not lie to you, I like sitting on the beach. (I am not at the beach right now… but I like it none the less). I like doing something and it just falls into place. I like it when there is no resistance, and things happen. Times of no pain and no frustration. […]

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