Existence Of God

This Wednesday evening at Fuel (our youth ministry at Farmington Baptist Church) I am slated to teach a lesson on the existence of God.

Today I signed up for google + (plus), currently I use google phone on my iPad and thought that google + was a video conferencing app.  And it may be but I haven’t gotten there yet, because “it” has side tracked me with quotes from people (that are graphically stunning) about religion and science and the “unprovable” God or gods people believe in and the “provable facts” of evolution.

I have never seen anything that proves evolution, even in their comments.

I have never seen anything that proves that all religions are right and true, even in their comments.

I have seen evidence that God does exist, read historical accounts of people who saw the resurrected Christ, and I know God personally myself.

And I’m not crazy – even though crazy maybe a matter of perspective.

What it has brought into clarity for me is the power of the push for people not to believe in the God who created them.  They are good at the “propaganda” they produce.  It is presented in a compelling way, that is up to date, current, especially with the language they speak… and they make you (because they want it this way) feel like a fool if you believe in creation or in a God…

and words are currency when you are trying to get your point across.

Now you may have stumbled across this post just because you googled evolution or the existence of God.  You may not even believe He exist…

I am not (for this post anyway) going to give you any proofs for His existence.  I am only going to leave you with these questions…

From your world view –  where God doesn’t exist – as you get older and your body fails to work the way it use to – do you really believe that is all you have to look forward to?

Why is that compelling?

Are there really no solutions to all the pain we experience in this life?

After all humans have gotten us into this mess… and history shows they are not able to pull us out. In a world without God, humans are the only thing left to bring redemption to this mess we’re in.

There’s something wrong with that isn’t there?  Don’t you feel there is something wrong with that point of view?

Feel free to leave your comments on this subject below…

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