If you would like to read story that feels some what like a roller coaster, then read through the New Testament in chronological order and in large chunks at a time.

From Jesus’ birth, to his final days where he challenges the Jewish religious system, to the resurrection and the first days of the church, it is quite the experience.

I think, (though I have not done a complete analysis), that there are more miracles performed in the  first 5 books of the New testament than in all of the Old.  The New Testament even has things like people being healed (or thinking they could be healed) by merely being touched by Peter’s shadow or just touching Jesus’ garment.

That is pretty incredible.

This is a reminder of how powerful God is and is a story of hope…

that God indeed is serious about bringing his Kingdom into the world…

and then to a place He has prepared for us…

where there is no more pain.

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