Here We R

This morning I watched my son walk into his school just like I have done all year.

But now it’s different.

These are his last days…

in 3rd grade.

Where did the time go?

Didn’t we just start school yesterday?

Didn’t we just get back from  the beach?

Didn’t we just finish up our school supply shopping?

These are his last days…

only two more 3rd grade days left.

Then it’s over.

Do I really want 4th grade to come?

Do I really want him to be older and taller?

Do I really want the 3rd grade year to be over?

Yes, because it means he is progressing as he should be.  He is healthy and going through life as life should be lived.

I’m just going to miss these years…

but not at the expense of enjoying where we are now.

And as time seemingly goes faster and faster…

and school years end “at a faster pace”…

this fact will serve as a reminder to make each day with my children count.

For that is really all you can do.

So Here We R…

in the final days of 3rd grade…

and we will make em…


One thought on “Here We R

  1. It goes by far too quickly…. don’t you love those days when you look at them and suddenly they look older? I see them EVERY day and sometimes it amazes me as to how they have managed to grow that much. I hear ya… bittersweet for Scott and I…..

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