The Cutting Board – Embrace It


Here are a few phrases/thoughts I had to cut from the sermon for tomorrow ( We will be in the book of Esther). They are not in a ” reading order”, instead they are meant to be read as statements for each one was going to be a point in the message but didn’t make it through the editing process.

Here they are…

1. A quote from Oswald Sanders “providence is shaping our ends. A plan is developing in our lives, a supremely wise and loving being is making all things work together for our good. In the sequel of our life’s story we shall see that there was meaning and necessity in all the previous incidents, save those that are the result of our own folly and sin and that even those have been made to contribute to the final result.”

2. For a period of time you may not understand God’s plan and purpose for your life

3. When you realize God’s purpose for your life you feel empowered

4. Taking a risk is easier when you know God is in control

5. For some of us it’s better we do not know God’s plan for us

6. Your background does not hinder you from God using your life… It does not hinder your future with God

7. Never forget there will always be someone who resents your devotion to the Lord and there will always be those who desire to take out the people you put your trust in.

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