We have a pantry in our house we put food items in.

You know things like, soup, flower, cereal, soft drinks, cake mixes, spaghetti packets, peanut butter – crunchy and plain…

Ok you get the picture.

A few months back we came home from… well… somewhere,

I can’t remember where right now, and it is not important

What is important is we came home to an awful smell, could not figure out what it was,traced it to our pantry and immediately started pulling stuff out.

Expecting to find some sort of dead varmint, we carefully took items out of the pantry until we found the smelly source…

and it wasn’t a varmint…

it was potatoes that had “melted”… if you “know what I mean.”

oh the pain of the ol stomach.

So what’s the life lesson?


There are sometimes in our lives we personally stink to high heaven, and I’m not talking about the guy in your church that never takes a bath… or so you think.

I’m talking about our attitude

I’m talking about the way we say things.

The reason our attitude stinks is, deep down – in the storehouse of our souls – there is a neglected bag of potatoes that bothers us more than we realize and we find ourselves upset at all the “varmints” in our lives. The reality is those varmints we are spouting off at are not the problem…

our attitude is…

an attitude that is fueled by a melted bag of potatoes deep within our soul.

I found myself in that position last week… Thursday to be exact, and something had to be done. So, with God’s help I resisted “killing” some varmints – found my bag of potatoes, and dealt with them… gaging as I went.

And now they are gone and so is the repulsive smell.

Jesus says – “The good person out of his good storehouse brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil “storehouse” brings up evil.”

What are you bringing up today?

It’s important because Jesus finishes His thought in Matthew 12 by saying “I tell you on the day of judgement people will give an account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.”

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