Don’t Miss Out


If you have been watching American Idol any this year and have the same mindset I have…

having watched many of the performances….

then listening to what the judges have said…

you too (like me) were left scratching your head wondering…

What in the world did they just hear?

Did I miss something?

I am very vocal during these shows, fully realizing I could not even come close to singing as well as the people performing on the show…

Well, there are some people early on I can sing better than… you know “those people” who try out in the various cities that can’t carry a tune because they’ve lost their bucket?


When I judge these contestants, I judge them based on the level they are competing at and I compare them to the people they are competing against.

(trust me if I was judging according to how I “sang”…


they would all win)

That said, my wife often sits on the other end of the couch…silent and it makes me wonder what she is thinking… It makes me think… maybe I have missed something. Because my wife is very gifted when it comes to music and the way it should sound.

Did I miss something?

This week I started reading through the Gospels in chronological order. Sitting here in “another time and another place” it’s amazing to me how people missed who Jesus was and the awesomeness of what He was doing. Reading about His teachings, His miracles, His compassion and all the other good stuff He was accomplishing, it leaves me wondering…

What in the world were they hearing?

What were they seeing?

What were they thinking?

Because sitting here in 2012, I hear and see something totally different.

but of course I’m reading it “post results”

Then I ask…

How do people today miss Him and who He is?

Then a deeper question hits my soul…

How do I miss Him?

Could it be that I am currently missing what Jesus is trying to do in my life today?

I don’t want to miss that… for to miss it is to miss out.

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