The Shepherd is King

Jesus is not only King

He is a Shepherd

His concern is leading us through this life

Beside still waters

To places of nourishment

He leads us through the dark times we experience in life, so there is never a reason to fear.

He guides

He moves us

He is a Shepherd

because as King He takes our well being seriously.

Always leading us down path ways that teach us and mold us into the people He designed us to be.

He calls

He prods

He taps our shoulders

and if we follow

Life is aways good even when things are dark

for He is with us


Jesus is King

and a Shepherd

He truly cares for us.

4 thoughts on “The Shepherd is King

  1. Pastor Phillip-thank you for being a shepherd to the flock of FBC…. called by God for such a time as this! Everytime Schon and I hear you share FBC’s vision of Children, Community and Culture we thank God that we visited FBC on Homecoming Sunday September 2011! The things the Lord has been teaching me since Nate’s Sunday School class on the character of the Holy Spirit also confirms we are indeed where we are supposed to be! In this moment in time in church history God is seperating the sheep from the goats and the ones that hear his still small voice are the ones that have been trained by God to “Be still and know HE is God”. Once again we heard another incredible message Sunday that equips the body at FBC to be all that God created us to be! I keep hearing the Lord in my spirit man sharing how long are we going to vasilate(sp) between 2 kingdoms. We live in this world but are not of it…..we are to react/respond using God’s Kingdom principles throughout the course of our day…. With whatever may come our way….. we are to live out of HIS kingdom/character/principles and when we mess up….He is the shepherd gently guiding us back into the fold by saying”hey which kingdom did you handle that out of: the worlds or MINE?” Immediately we are to say Jesus you are all I need please help me in my hour of weakness so that I do not loose any ground by picking up some mud to hurl! A really great Pastor of mine just posted a blog last week on that….you may know him? Thanks again for all that you do, are doing and will continue to do at FBC!! You are greatly appreciated….

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