Let them say it

I was struck today while reading the Bible with David and his response to a critic that was jeering at Him as he left Jerusalem.

The scene was when David was leaving Jerusalem because his son Absolum had taken over the kingdom. A fufliment of a prophecy that was made against David, spoken by the prophet Nathan

During the departure and at a very difficult time in David’s life a relative of Saul’s (the former King) comes out and yells at David speaking against him and his Kingdom.

And what does David do? With the opportunity to kill him and a supporter ready to do it at his command?

Well, he does what no other King would do…

He leaves him alone

He spares his life and lets him live.

He gives the command to leave him alone and says “this guy might have been sent from God”


I don’t know about you but when someone speaks against me it gets my blood boiling, and I generally want them to stop it and I take steps to silence them

But he doesn’t, even though he has the power too…


Maybe it’s because David being a man of war had already seen too many deaths (many by his own hand)

Maybe it’s because David had a high regard for life and knew that in time this man would change his mind.

Maybe this did not effect the direction of things (in fact in an “off subject sort of way” it supported what God was doing).

Maybe he had faith in God that He would take care of this man… if that was needed

Maybe in the mist of being punished by God for his own wrong doing, knowing God spared his life, he extended the same grace to this man who also didn’t deserve it.

Maybe David just trusted the Lord

As a pastor I have been on the receiving end of people who just felt the need to attack me with their words. Words that cut me to the core. Words that hurt. Words that miss-represented not only the situation but also my involvement in it.

Sometimes I had to deal with them and what was said but most of the time if I could just bring myself to…

Let them say it…

and leave it in God’s hands

that alone alleviated the stress of their foolish words

After all, everyone that supports you knows they are nuts anyway

Sometimes its best to just let the critic say what they want to say…

and depend on God to take care of the rest

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