King Jesus

I was reading this morning about Putin winning the election in Russia. I don’t know if this is good for them or bad but he was crying in the photo they posted…

so we will see I guess.

It did get me thinking however..

Aren’t you glad that Jesus is King and not President?

Think about it, if it were left to the people to elect a Savior or vote on who their Messiah should be who would they choose?

Well, they would choose a Barabas.

All men are Barabas-es

But we didn’t choose our Savior, vote on Him, or elect Him in any way.

He choose us,

elected us

because thats what Kings do.

He also give us direction for our lives

He instructs us, giving us insights on the best way to live this life.

And some times we choose to follow those ways

and some times we elect not to

and sometimes we vote to go with the crowd rather than Jesus

Further demonstrating that is a good thing Jesus isn’t “electable”

He is King forever

He can’t be voted out.

Jesus is King and not President…

and That is good news

5 thoughts on “King Jesus

  1. A Footnote
    When is comes to Salvation – we can choose His gift of everlasting life, we can choose to be forgiven of our sins, we can choose to believe in Jesus…

    Or we can reject everlasting life, the gift of being forgiven of our sins, we can choose not to believe in Jesus…

    But regardless of what we choose…

    He is still King… and one day everyone will confess that truth as they bow before Him.

    My prayer for those who haven’t believed and confessed, is that you do it now… don’t wait till the moment everyone does….

    because by then it will be too late.

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