Sometimes I come up with plans of how to accomplish a vision.  Plans that in my mind will work great. Plans that I get attached too. Maybe I attach myself to these plans because that gives me a level of security or maybe I attach myself to these plans because I do not like living […]

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Take the Hit

As a leader sometimes you have to “take the hit” for the well being of the group you are leading. There is a tension in leadership between being liked and making hard choices that have the potential of upsetting people.  Choices of… 1. Direction – even though you talk and talk there are some who […]

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King Jesus

I was reading this morning about Putin winning the election in Russia. I don’t know if this is good for them or bad but he was crying in the photo they posted… so we will see I guess. It did get me thinking however.. Aren’t you glad that Jesus is King and not President? Think […]

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