Rainy, Damp & Cold



It is a rainy, damp and cold Monday.

Rainy – Damp and Cold.

The grayness of the air around does not promote happiness and vitality.  After all gray is the color of depression, the color of sadness, the color of a not so good day.

But what if the way we see these RDC’s is based more on how we perceive them than on what they actually are?

Way beyond – “This is the Day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it” is the idea that Rainy, Damp, and Cold days are really beneficial for the environment we live in.  Where as their absence would mean everyday would be filled with sunshine and brightness – it would also mean the death of many things in our environment and eventually us.  Without these days life would not continue.

Life would not continue…

I kind of like life… don’t you?

Now we could debate whether or not these types of day should come on a Monday (a decision that thankfully isn’t ours to make) Rainy, Damp, Cold and gray days are an essential part of the balance of life.

and as you know…

Life is a fragile thing…

…so embrace the balance in a positive way and change your view point (if needed) on how you view days such as these…

for God really did know what He was doing when He set them in motion.

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