Share the Gospel on Halloween


I have been involved in a discussion with other pastors on social media concerning Halloween and should we celebrate it or even allow our families to participate in it.

The answer is NO



It is true that Halloween is a spiritual holiday for Satanism.  Having “some” of its roots in the night before “All Saints Day” (and other pagan places) , it is the day of the year for unholy demonic celebration and we should stay away from any of those types of rituals or activities.

Here is what the Bible says….

Lev 19:26-31 – Do not eat blood, participate in divination, soothsaying, ritual mutilation, and consulting mediums or familiar spirits

Deut 18:10-11 – Do not participate in sacrificing a child, witchcraft, soothsayings, the interpretation of omens, sorcery, conjuring or spell casting, consulting mediums or spirits and seances

Jeremiah 27:9-10 – Do not listen to false prophets, diviners, people who interpret dreams, soothsayers or sorcerers

Gal 5:20 – Do not practice sorcery, which is in a list of  other evil behaviors that we should not do because they oppose the holy spirit.

Micah 5:12-14 – Says, one day God will destroy sorcerers, soothsayers, carved images, scared pillars – and other objects of devil worship. So it would be a good idea not to mess with or have any of those items in your home.

So if your participation in Halloween includes all, some or one of these items or activities that are listed above then…

the answer is NO…

In fact, you should not do those things ANY day of the year.


Everything else – dressing up, getting candy by trick or treating or by going to a harvest blast, watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” etc… – GO and do those things and spread the gospel as you GO….


Check out this post from a few years ago on this same subject – Halloween on Mission

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