Ways to Share the Gospel #4

passport-expediting-services.jpgAct 58 Signs.001

16. Don’t be afraid to share the big things God is doing in your life.

17. Did you know there are numbers people can call or websites people can visit at anytime–day or night–if they want to learn more about Jesus? You could sign up to be one of the people that answers their questions or talks with them.

18. Feeling super brave? Go door to door. Even if most people aren’t interested, if you find a few that are, it’s completely worth it.

19. Volunteer in a setting like a hospital, children’s home, women’s shelter or crisis pregnancy center. Listen to their stories, offer hope, pray with people.

20. Go to a place where you can sit down and talk to people, maybe Starbucks or while waiting for a school program to begin or on an airplane/bus. Find out their life story. Share yours.

Note: These ideas are not original with me, I will share my source at the end of this blog series.

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