How to Share the Gospel #3

Act 58 Signs.001

Scripture Presentation

This is another way of presenting the gospel that every believer should know. There are many different scriptures that can be used for giving a simple presentation of the gospel. One oldie but goodie is the Romans Road. This selection of scripture is taken solely from the book of Romans and covers the basics as follows:

  • Our universal problem (all have sinned): Romans 3:23 and Romans 3:10
  • The wages of sin is death and separation from God: Romans 5:12, Romans 6:23
  • But God provided a way for our sin to be forgiven and not held against us any longer: Romans 5:8
  • We personally receive forgiveness and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ: Romans 10:9,10,13
  • Salvation brings us peace with God: Romans 5:1, Romans 8:1, Romans 8:38-39


I personally suggest having the other person read the scriptures for themselves. This is much more effective than you trying to tell them a bunch of facts. Ask them to tell you what the verse is saying.

If someone is ready to respond to the Gospel, re-read Romans 10:9-10 and invite them to confess their sin and their faith in Christ through prayer. Explain to them there are no magic words to pray; prayer is simply an expression of the faith they have in their heart. Encourage them to talk to God in their own words.

Note: this material is not original with me (I did not write it), it came from 

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