Blank (Because of “Freedom Restrictions”)


Sometimes you sit down to write a blog post and you really don’t know what you should write. Sometimes a topic doesn’t come to your mind and at other times a topic you would really like to write about you feel like you can’t because of current cultural tensions.  Where as you have the right to write about those topics under the constitution in reality you really do not have that freedom because of the force of the reaction of those around you.

It would be nice to say that in this country you have the right to state what you believe or state “the truth” that is clear to everyone but in reality who you are politicly, what color your skin is, or your religious beliefs play a signifcant role in determining whether or not you can say certain things, use certain words, or even do certain things.

Now there are readers, reading this right now saying… Phillip just say what is on your mind, express yourself and don’t worry about what other people think.   Now there is a certain number of you who really mean this, others who don’t and then there are those who are ok with “your” expressions as long as they line up with theirs. But I know, one mess up, or one statement of disagreement has the potential of branding you for life as..

a Hater

a Bigot

a Racist


when you are none of the above.  Facts are seldom considered, questions that when answered could bring clarity to the situation cannot be asked.  Obvious contradictions cannot be uttered because of the emotional tide of reactionary idiocy of news media or other comments become (or are) so strong (and wrong) that you can’t stop the tide of destruction that has been set in motion to totally destroy you, the person or organization that has been targeted (misunderstood or not).

This is scary… and deeply concerning.  People have lost their jobs (in America) because their views didn’t line up with a certain group or because they were in a certain political party.  Others have been prevented from owning businesses because they held to a variant political view. All this is being enabled under the guise of a messed up “morality” that hurts more people than it helps. A “morality” that contradicts the very values it says it stands for with every protest and vocality it utters.

Yes, here in America.

As for me I am bound by a higher law and a higher call.  I must preach Jesus and teach the scriptures regardless of the cultural backlash and discrimination that might ensue.   I really don’t want that to happen but am well aware that those  who preach the gospel could face this resistance in the future if our current cultural climate persists.

We are after all, running out of freedom by those who take it away and are replacing it with the bondage of their view of  correctness. A view point that is always looking for it’s next moment of protest so they can advance their cause.

God help us!

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