Life is riddled with riddles.  Riddles that are unspoken. Riddles that cause the question…


Why this, why that, why did it happen, why didn’t it happen, why me, why them, why her, why him, why us?

and sometimes the answer that the “why” demands doesn’t come, which causes the question…


Why no answer? Why can’t I figure this out? Why doesn’t anyone know?


For some this is unsettling. In their acceptance of “this is all there is and there is no spiritual afterlife because we can only know what we see”, there is no answer.  For why means there is something bigger going on that we do not understand, that there is someone who has set what we are going through in motion (or at least has allowed it to happen). If this is all there is and there isn’t an afterlife or a God… the whys… produced by life’s riddles never have an answer.

So… no answer comes, for there is no purpose for anything that happens, there is only chance and it is in that chance that they live… thus…  what they see is a world that is filled with death and dying and they are headed toward a day where their life will end and they will be no more. Yes, their “switch” on their “body machine”  will be turned off, and they will be erased from the universe. So, the “why” doesn’t matter, though the riddles persist demanding the question.

But for others Why? is only unsettling to a point.  Accepting the belief that there is a God and He created us all.  Accepting the teachings of scripture that says God created everyone for a purpose, makes the “whys” –  produced by the riddles  – solid.  We know there is a reason, we know there is an answer to the “why” any riddle in life deals to us.

There is a purpose.  We may not like the circumstance… who would?  But there is a knowledge that this time of suffering is not without purpose, it’s not a random event without an answer, there is something more going on.  Something we may realize during the riddle…

but even if we don’t…

we know one day down the road it will all make sense when the God that created us takes the time to reveal the answer to our…


When He tells us the solutions to the riddles we lived through…

of course by then it may not even matter to us

and the “why” to that riddle is another blog for another time…



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