The Missing Gift


Just found a Christmas gift that was supposed to be given to me but wasn’t because it was lost somewhere in the house during Christmas time but low and behold it showed up today!  In fact, unknowingly I picked it up wondering where it came from and then got the response…

OH that’s where that was… Merry Christmas.

(Well that’s not really what was said, more of a summary really.)

So I know you’re asking … what was the gift?  Right?

Of course you are… cough, cough.

It’s the Blue-Ray Edition of….


Yep, it doesn’t matter that I have seen this move thousands of times…

(Well, I haven’t really seen it thousands of times, thats more of a exaggeration to make a point that I have seen it more times than maybe a human should)

I can’t wait till this evening when we pop it in so we can see how real it looks, how crystal clear it looks in comparison to the old, out dated DVD version we have.

I can’t even believe I’m even talking this way…

I think I need a Peanut…

Anyway, I was wondering what movies have you seen over and over again that you desire to see on Blue-Ray – please comment below.

7 thoughts on “The Missing Gift

  1. My very favorite movie since childhood is the Wizard of Oz. I can watch that movie anytime…makes me happy

  2. Princess Bride and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Is this a pattern I’m Noticing here???)

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