5 Reasons Your Pastor Should Preach On Easter


Easter is like Super Bowl Sunday for the church.  Here are 5 reasons why your pastor should preach the Easter Service(s) at your church.

1. It’s Easter Sunday – it is the most attended service of the year with (generally) the most visitors. They need to hear the pastor of the church speak and  for the Pastor not to preach is like saying “our star quarterback isn’t good enough for the big game”. Now you might not be saying that, but that is what you are communicating to your guest.

2. It’s Easter Sunday – and God has ordained preaching as the mode of communication to spread the gospel.  The guest that come on that sunday need to hear the Pastor preach.  That will do more for a possible return visit than anything else you could do.

3. It’s Easter Sunday – it is not a day for the preacher to be off work.  That’s like a coach saying he’s not going to coach on championship day, instead he’s going to let someone else handle that game.  Now the pastor might need a break from preaching, he may need a Sunday off but there are over 49 others to choose from… don’t take Easter off.

4. It’s Easter Sunday – For the pastor not to preach on Easter Sunday communicates that the resurrection is not important enough to preach about.

5. It’s Easter Sunday – You aren’t going to preach? Really?  Is your choir really that good?  Did you sell tickets for their performance?  Do they have a best selling record out?  Are they really better than anything you could say on Easter Sunday?  (not trying to hurt anyone here) The answers to  these questions are as follows –  What? – What? – No – No – No – NO NO NO.

So next year encourage your pastor to preach on Easter, or if you’re the Pastor that makes those decisions, don’t chicken out and make the decision to be in your pulpit, preaching, on Easter.  If God placed you at that church then He thinks you’re good enough to preach on Easter Sunday.

You’re good enough….

Your Pastor is good enough….

don’t short change that.

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