Don’t Run Away!


Don’t run away

Jesus didn’t

He headed straight toward His path of pain and suffering because it was God’s will for him to take that terrible path.

What if that hurtful moment… that moment where you felt attacked was the road God wanted you on but you ran away… as fast as you could go?

What if in running, you were in reality running away from the path God had laid before you but you missed it because it was a painful path… and you allowed the pain to speak for God and the pain told you to have nothing to do with it.

Does God only give His servants good paths to walk on?

Then why did He give Jesus the path to the cross?

What if Jesus had ran away from God’s path for Him?

There would have been no resurrection… no saving of the world.

What if the thing standing in-between you and a resurrection experience is the painful path you keep running from?

What if the life you desire but never have… is that way because you keep running from the terrible path God has placed in your life to get you there?

Maybe it’s time to quit running from God’s will for your life…

even though the path He has placed in front of you is a painful one.

1 Peter 2:21-24

One thought on “Don’t Run Away!

  1. Thank u for the reminder that Jesus did not run away! In fact as I read this and thought about my own struggles and how some days I would like to just run the other way- I felt Jesus tugging at me! Not only does He not want me to run away but I sense He is running towards me! Lord I pray that in my weakness Your strength is magnified and in my complete and utter dependence on You that You are glorified!

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