5 Plot Elements I Think the Noah Movie Will Contain



this blog is based on some assumptions from watching the Noah Movie Trailer.  They could be right and they could be wrong, but I wanted to write about them, just to see if I’m right and because it’s fun…

at least for me.

So don’t take anything as “gospel” from this post… unless of course my predictions come true…

we will see.

Prediction 1 – Someone will either hack their way into the Ark or sneak in without Noah knowing it. The character I choose for this is the one that seems to be getting an army together to fight Noah.  If he is the one that hacks his way in then the plot will be about Him trying to kill Noah so he can take over the ship.  You always have to have a fight like this in a “good movie” right?

Prediction 2 – I think some form of evolution will appear in the film.  Not sure how, maybe a retelling of Genesis 1-3? This will set up my 3rd prediction…

Prediction 3 – The big sin in the film will be the carelessness of the human species in their lack of care for the environment.  It will be the environment that will respond in retaliation to that “grave sin” by attempting to wipeout all the humans with the flood.  Nature will want to start the evolutionary process over… after all the humans are the ones who didn’t evolve correctly a “fact” which is seen in their carelessness with the environment. Noah will struggle with this concept.

Prediction 4 – Fallen Angels will be in the film at some level. I think in the trailer when he says “I’m not alone” he is referring to them not to God.  They will either help him build the ark or help him fight the massive army that attacks them.  Or both.

Prediction 5 – To many “species” of animals will attempt to get on the ark.  Adding to the overall mythical feel of the cinematic portrayal .

By the way these predictions are not based on the Bible’s account. You should read that in Genesis.

So there you go… predictions from the Noah trailer.  Not fact, just assumptions. You know….

“In the spirit of what Hollywood does to Biblical stories” sense.

I may never know if they are right.

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