What are They Thinking? Friday

Yes… it’s the second  “What are They Thinking? Friday”  (how long this will continue will depend on my wife’s judgement each week).  So here are a few pictures I ran across this week and because “I always know what people are thinking” I have included captions at the bottom of these pictures that describes what they are thinking so you will know….

“what they are thinking.”


The wheels on the cart go…. ughhh, ummph…I can’t…. get them…. to go…. round and….  whew!!!


(Boy) “I told you they stick to glass”

(Man) “Buy him the toy dart gun they said…”


This will be a great Picture to put on my next shirt.


For some reason, I just don’t see it… and that’s odd because it was there last night.


What do you mean “this is a chicken nugget?”


Sorry man, I had Mexican for lunch.

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