The Birth Of Creativity


We are ALL born with it…

there is no doubt

We play cowboys and indians, fighting people who aren’t really there. Girls play house, taking care of baby dolls as if they are real. A toy becomes something it wasn’t designed for but in the mind of a child it transforms into something new that fits the moment that has been imagined


Every person that has ever been born (and that would be most of us) came into this world with an imagination.  Some over time “lost it” because it became immature to have one, or it was squelched , criticized, or people just looked at you weird when you creatively expressed what you were imagining.

So you left it behind, you grew up, you quit thinking about possibilities and focused on normalities.  And during this process a piece of you was mentally resisted and put to sleep.  A piece of your very soul, a piece God himself gave to you.

BEEP BEEP BEEP – It’s time wake up.

It is time to throw off the shackles and free your imagination.  It’s time to dream dreams, and create something.  It’s time to reconnect with the creative power God has placed in your soul.

Yes, not all creative ideas are successes, they fail from time to time.  But even in their failure, life remains from the experience they provided for you and others.  They fail but there is something that still rings positive about the failed expression.  For from the death of a failure comes new life, new possibilities, other ways we could have tried it. Great creative ideas are only birthed from those that were not so great.

It seems a seed has to die before it becomes a plant.

Don’t let the death of your creative idea kill your ability to imagine something else. Don’t let people’s perspectives cause you to bury the “image of God” in your soul.  Instead allow it to be the birthing ground for more creative expressions.

Remember, God made you in His image, giving you an imagination, so that you could be creative.

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