6 Reasons Why Churches Resist Creativity


Creativity needs to be part of our worship and discipleship environments in our churches.  But creativity is often met with resistance.  Here are 6 quick reasons why…

1. Some people see something they do not understand or haven’t experienced in church before and they immediately assume it’s wrong.

2. Creative ideas are often met with the push back of ” we can’t do that”

3. The fear of “doing something sinful”. This IS a valid consideration, but when we think that everything that is new and different is sinful, it chokes creativity.  This is intensified when we do not comprehend what is going on, for we are the most afraid of anything we do not understand.

4. Creative ideas take people outside of their comfort zone.  They feel uncomfortable and have to pay attention to what is going on.  Most just want to hear and experience “the familiar” when they are at church. Anything that feels uncomfortable is seen as being wrong.

5. People often view creativity as entertainment rather than an expression of faith in an impactful way.

6. Decisions based on what people will like.  We put way to much weight on what we like and don’t like,  and when we allow what “others like” or “don’t like” rule whether or not we can initiate a creative idea, it takes the leading of the Holy Spirit totally out of the picture and human will takes His place.

The fact is…

Criticism shuts down creative ideas and is the main resistance tactic of those who would like to remain as they are.  It is also one of the main reasons why the Holy Spirit is not allowed to work in church services and is not allowed to work in an individual’s life.  If our enemy the devil can get us to be against something that is trivial he can divert our attention from Christ so we can place it on ourselves, on our own wants and on our personal preferences.

We need to be a people of God that resists the “creativity resistors.” For God wants us to live as He created us to be… People Created in His Image.

People with Life… not moth balls.

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