That is one creative picture.

You may love it, you may not like it at all but you have to admit the mind that created it operates on another level.

A few years ago I posted a blog that received 4,800 hits.  It was a “Random Thursday Blog” that I randomly do from time to time.  At first I thought,” wow people are realy enjoying this post” but by the time the hits “hit” 1,000 I realized something about it.  It wasn’t about the content of the blog (a fact I’m thankful for) it was because of this creative image….


Why would people go to a blog just to see a picture?

Because that is what creativity does.  Creativity is attractive and powerful.  The sad thing is most humans do not understand it and do everything in their power to kill it.  Though they don’t know that is what they are doing.

You and I are created in the image of God

Keyword – Created.

The world was created by His creative word.

Keyword – Created

We were created by a creative God that created us in His image and that means we are creative beings.


No other living beings on earth,  paints like we do, creates like we do, has art, has plays, and comes to concerts to hear singing.  Because we alone are created in the image of God and are attracted to creative expressions.

It’s one of the drawing cards that leads people to God…

“The heavens declare His handy work”

What we have allowed and empowered is a push for normalcy.  The Christian life has to be done this way, church must be this way and not that way, and each time we push back on something creative we put a “choke hold” on the very life God gave us to express.

Sometimes we attack creativity because we do not understand it, or we do not like it’s expression. Sometimes it is because it just seems odd and out of place… but that is the beauty of creation.

For creation by definition is something new and not normal thus it will seem out of place.

But that does’t make it wrong.

When God “created the church” in the New Testament. The religious leaders of the day didn’t understand what was going on, they didn’t like the new because they felt it did not fit into the old ways and the doctrines of the Old Testament. They felt it was disrespectful and that they themselves were being disrespected.  So they spoke out against it, and pushed against it.  In doing so they missed the beautiful thing God was doing in their day to reach people…

He was creating something new and awesome, and He was using creative people to do it.  They missed the fact it was being built on the doctrine of the Old Testament and was connected to it.  It wasn’t a statement against those traditions it was an expression of there fulfillment.

It was Spirit empowered creativity at its best.  Paintings have been painted of it, statues erected, people have illustrated it through stories and song….

new songs…

There was a day that Hymns were new songs…

The Psalm’s in scripture were new songs…

and that contemporary christian songs were new

and one day when we see Jesus we will sing a new song that is motivated by our seeing Him for the first time. I can’t wait for that day.

But while we are still here, lets be as creative as we can be, because…

1. we are all designed to be creative…


2. creativity brings life into our church and our life

So don’t fear it…

embrace it with all you’ve got and do something creative

and watch God work through it.

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