What are they Thinking? Friday

Yes… it’s the first “What are They Thinking? Friday”  (it maybe the last depends on what my wife thinks of this).  So here are a few pictures I ran across today and because “I always know what people are thinking” I have included captions at the bottom of these picture that describe what these people are thinking, so you will know “what they are thinking.”



The baby on the right is thinking “mom he’s making those grunting sounds again!”

The baby on the left is thinking  “this is really going to stink real bad.”


“Hee Hee… I’m putting rabbit ears on Sushi-Pong-Won… she will be upset when she sees this”


” I didn’t really stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, I hope they don’t find out”


Girl – “I’m not sorry, LOL ”


“I paid for first class for this? I have no luck”


“That is a big zit on her nose.”


“I wonder what would happen if I pushed this real hard, would it hit the guy in the chair behind me?”


“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh… don’t laugh!”

older people dancing

“LOL, I told him his teeth would fall out”

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