Analyzing Sermons


How do you analyze a sermon?

Most of the time we analyze sermons by how well they were given.  We use phrases like…

He really kept my attention today!

Man they are good.

I love to hear them speak.

That was a great sermon, he was really on fire today.

He kept my attention and I stayed awake…. that was good.

But what if we stopped analyzing how the message went performance wise and began to analyze in another way, with another focus.

Maybe the sermon is not about how well the guy did who’s preaching it.  Maybe the sermon is about us analyzing our hearts as we listen.

Often times we spend more time deciding if we like the speaker or not, than we do deciding what we need to confess, change or fix in our lives.  We are often quick to point out what the speaker did wrong in the sermon and miss the fact there is something wrong with us.

How many sunday lunches have ever revolved around “Man God moved my heart this morning, I’m messed up and need to correct somethings in my life and here they are….”?

That’s what our minds should revolve around, because the task God wants us to do as a result of hearing a message is to analyze and contemplate what needs to change in us so we can follow Jesus better.

So this sunday, lets make a change.  Lets go to the worship service with the intention on analyzing our hearts according to the message instead of analyzing the messenger and watch what God does as a result of that.

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