Analyzing Sermons

How do you analyze a sermon? Most of the time we analyze sermons by how well they were given.  We use phrases like… He really kept my attention today! Man they are good. I love to hear them speak. That was a great sermon, he was really on fire today. He kept my attention and […]

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Nope, I don’t always explain it. That’s intentional. It may be just the way I am wired, it may be brilliance, but more than likely it is more craziness than anything. It is what it is. We were taught to explain it, so the congregation would know where we are coming from, why things are […]


2012 Teaser

So, tomorrow’s Sermon is a 2012 teaser. There are no graphics, no series names, no sermon title, just a sermon based on the concepts our church will be exploring in 2012… concepts that come… January 2011 will become sermons that will be placed on the 2012 preaching calendar. The sermons for 2012 will be based […]

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