5 Ways People interpret Scripture

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It seems that everyone has their own version, their own way or method to interpret the Bible.  Though the ways are many here is a list of 5 ways all the other “ways” fit into, in some shape or fashion.

1. Some interpret based on their theological view point

Even if a verse seems to say something contrary to their theological view point they take the verse and twist it to fit what they strongly believe… and they will fight for it.  The twisting sometimes is very creative!

2. Some interpret based on what they want to do

If there is something they want to do, and they are determined to do it.  Even if the Bible clearly says not to what they want to do, they will come up with some answer for those verses that are warning them concerning the path they want to go down and become so convinced of their answers (because they are willing to make it say “whatever” so they can do “whatever it is” they want to do) they believe God himself told them the sinful path is ok. All because they want to do it.  (And yes the reasons they come up with are more confusing than this paragraph)

3. Some interpret based on time periods.

They will say, well that happened in a different time period than the New Testament so we do not have to do that or they will say that doesn’t apply to me because that was said “back then” or to Israel. (The Israel reference would take more time to explain and we aren’t going there today)

4. Some interpret just to slam Christian view points.

This happens a lot. Someone will write an article to disprove some Christian belief but have absolutely no understanding of the scriptures they are using to try to disprove the belief.  Thus to all those ignorant of the Bible they look like they have slammed Christianity but to Christians they look like idiots.

5. Few interpret the Bible to see what it says in order for it to shape them and the way they live.

I am not sure why this is.  Maybe it is easier to do 1 – 4 for those only push for the Bible to change instead of us (yes even number 1).  But if you really believe it is God’s word and He wrote the book for your benefit, then your approach when interpreting it is not so you can prove something.  Instead, it’s so God can show Himself to you and as a result of that encounter your heart changes to be more like His.

After all, the message of scripture is about God redeeming Mankind.   A message that should always be active and working in all those who Believe.

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