So here we are…


So here we are with 22 days to go till Christmas.  Our lights are up, our decorations are getting placed, and our gifts for others are arriving from Amazon.


It’s a lot of work to get ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday…

but thats ok

as long as the reason we are doing all of this stuff is to accomplish that goal.

Not sure how what I bought for all these people fits in with that goal, but I can say the lights I put up remind me of Jesus coming as the light of the world.

Not sure how my time on Amazon was me in celebration mode, but I’m sure excited that Jesus sees fit to take time with me.

I’m not sure how Chipmunks singing silver bells is celebratory but it does make me desire to hear Angels Singing songs Celebrating Jesus our King.

So yea, there’s a lot to do but we do not have to allow all this stuff to drawn out our celebration of Jesus coming to earth…

and it won’t  as long as we make room to celebrate Him in everything we are busy doing.

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