Not Them AGAIN!


I met someone for the first time a few weeks ago and they rubbed me the wrong way.

Have you ever had that happened to you?

Honestly they irritated the “snot” out of me.  I was cordial, and kind but not as nice and as accepting as I should have been. In fact, secretly I hoped I would never see them again…

at least not often.

But that hasn’t happened

This person keeps showing up in my life at random moments.

The second time I “bumped” into them I had to take a step back and ask myself why did I react this way to them? What was causing me to get so  irritated with them so quickly?

These questions lead me down a thought process where I figured a few things out about them…

and about myself.

It seems that their presence in my life revealed something to me, about me, that I was unaware was below the surface.

God had placed this individual in my life to reveal that defect so I would work on it.

Here recently I was in the same room with them again but this time I did not get as “upset” “inside” as I had in times passed.  So I haven’t completely dealt with the personal issue yet, but I have made progress.

Sometimes the individual that upsets you the most in life, is placed there by God so you can work on you….

and not them.

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