Is He Preaching that Again?


What would happen if your preacher preached the same message this Sunday as he did last sunday?

And you knew it.

Would you think…. “I’ve already heard this”, “I already know this”, “I need something new”

If you would think those thoughts you have missed the purpose of preaching. Preaching is not for giving you theological information, it is not meant to increase your knowledge, nor is it for imparting some new information that no one has ever heard before.

Preaching’s purpose is to connect with your spirit in such away you feel God working and influencing your very soul.  Preaching is supposed to connect with you INSIDE, in a way that changes you on the INSIDE.  It’s purpose is to touch your spirit and move you closer to Jesus…

closer to living the life He wants you to live.

It is not enough to hear a message once. Christianity is not just simply doctrinal. It isn’t a system that is here so you can store up information in your mind. Being a Christian is a spiritual thing and preaching is meant for edification, not of the mind, but of your spirit.

Real preaching touches your spirit and makes you feel clean and fresh once its work in you is done.

Every time a preacher preaches and a listener listens and it does not result in the stiring of  their spirits collectively… that message was nothing more than a dead moment of informational transfer.

But if something comes alive inside of you, if something changes, if it makes you think about how you are living your life…


for its target is your heart and not just your mind.

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